Install and configure Myphone

Myphone - is H.323-compliant software terminal designed primarily for video conferencing. Myphone development is performing within the OpenMCU-ru project, by the same developers.

Myphone - is free software, licensed under the MPL.


Latest build for Windows can be downloaded here:

Packages are provided in two variants:

It is recommended to install stable release. Files containg «beta» in VERSION is not recommended for normal use.

Silent installation is performed by command line switch '/S'.



Echo cancellation

Main article: Echo cancellation.

Echo cancellation in Myphone is possible (and works well) using a discrete sound card. To enable echo cancellation in Myphone under Windows XP, select the tab «Settings - Sound» and select the same audio device for recording and playback with the prefix DirectSound, checkbox AEC should be disabled. Under Windows 7 Myphone does not work with DirectSound, so select the same device with the prefix WindowsMultimedia_ and enable checkbox AEC - then will work echo cancellation by libspeex.


If Myphone does not start:

  • If on start you got the message «This application has failed to start because it is configured correctly,» make sure that installed:
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
  • Try reinstalling the app - on uninstall all the settings will be removed from the registry. If it was installed not by installer but manually - then delete the registry settings on the path:
  • If the above methods do not work, start Myphone with trace output (see below).

In Myphone can be enabled trace output, same as for OpenMCU-ru server. To do this, you must start Myphone with a parameter -tttttt. Number of -t determines the trace level.

Using this trace, you can either deal with the problem on their own, or to ask a solution on the forum.

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