Video conference server OpenMCU-ru - Support

Self troubleshooting

OpenMCU-ru support provided on the forum. In case of problems it is recommended to carry out a standard set of actions:

  • restart service;
  • make sure, that other applications do not take network ports required for OpenMCU-ru;
  • try resetting the server configuration to the default values ​​(if necessary previously copy the current configuration);
  • reinstall OpenMCU-ru.

If the service is running, but you can not establish a connection:

  • try other client terminals;
  • temporarily disable firewall;
  • temporarily disable antivirus;
  • try to install OpenMCU-ru in the local network with the similar configuration;
  • check the availability of the server:
    ping SERVER_IP
  • check the connection by telnet (must be a blank screen, press Enter to exit):
    telnet SERVER_IP 1720

If the service is running, connection established, but no audio or video:

  • try different protocols (H.323/SIP);
  • try different audio/video-codecs on the client terminal;
  • try to disable all codecs in OpenMCU-ru parameters, and enabling them one by one, check connectivity.

Contacting to the forum

If you can not solve the problem yourself, then you can contact the forum:

To all questions you will be answered as much as possible.

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