Build from source on Windows


Building OpenMCU-ru is tested in Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2005 and in Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express for Win32.

Dependencies list

Getting source

To get OpenMCU-ru source from git-repository:

git clone git://

Build order

Build in the following order:

  1. ptlib\ptlib_*.sln
  2. h323plus\h323plus_*.sln
  3. openmcu-ru\win\openmcu_*.sln

Building plugins

FIXME In the current version of the article it is not described building audio/video codecs plugins.

Run OpenMCU-ru

OpenMCU-ru can be registered as a service:

openmcu.exe Install

If OpenMCU-ru was registered as a service then it can be started by standard service control tools. To cancel the registration of the service:

openmcu.exe DeInstall

To show system tray icon for service control:

openmcu.exe Tray

To run in debug mode:

openmcu.exe debug

After the build

Use on other computers

To run the compiled file on another computer, you will need MSVC++ Redistributable Package, its version must match your version of Visual Studio.

Making installer

Installer can be built with NSIS. Build instructions can be found in the file «openmcu-ru/win/nsis/README.txt».

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