Echo cancellation

Very common problem - is a bad echo cancellation. This is when you hear your echo when talking. Sometimes the echo can be very strong, completely silencing the voice.

This happens when the for conversation used the «loud» connection (meaning that used the speakers, but not the headset). Your voice coming out of the speaker interlocutor, inevitably gets on his microphone and sent back to you. It turns to audio loop.

Echo cancellation - it is the task of the client. Server OpenMCU-ru at all desire can not overcome the echo. It should be done by the client terminal. Therefore, in case of problems with the echo in the first place, look wiki-pages on the respective terminals (for example echo cancellation supports Myphone and Linphone).

If the client does not support echo cancellation, you can try other solutions:

  • make your speakers sound quieter;
  • use a headset;
  • use noise-canceling microphone;
  • use the sound card with hardware echo cancellation;

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